Who is on ifMUD?

 User           On     Idle   What does your fortune cookie doesn't say?
 Skeet          02m33  00m41  sic erat scriptum
 trikiw         01h36  01h36  
 Guenni         02h17  07m10  something random
 Taleslinger    03h30  01m54  Can't find a rhyme, I'm just a kraut
 Gunther        04h40  32m18  a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.
 Whizzard       05h15  09m36  Pouring him a brimming glass of spiders.
*Roger          07h31  06h20  http://members.shaw.ca/exumbra
 ghira          08h41  53m30  Erecting a statue of a hedgehog on Mount Etna
 Gyong          09h26  00m23  
 Markov         11h25  00m46  I am the cure for brane
 boucher        12h25  00m14  Done, but in a good way.
*annabianca     19h45  19h45  
*Recchi         02d07  17h38  The hardest trick is making it look easy.
*BrenBarn       02d17  05h45  Busta busta bust-em-out
 Auda           02d21  00m32  Just stopped by to listen in.
*Bishop         02d21  02d21  Oh no, I got stuck in my French Horn!
*Matthew        02d22  10h46  My life: http://westernactor.livejournal.com
*marc           04d13  09h22  Proselytising kettles
*Fink-Nottle    04d19  01d19  Person woman man camera TV
 PerrySimm      05d17  05d17  
*ToxicFrog      07d10  03d23  There's a squirrel in my brain.
*Steve          08d11  14h44  Me!  *I* am not a vesseled vegetable!
*GDorn          08d15  12h58  
*Allen          09d23  06h37  Let he without sin cast the first taco
*inky           13d13  06h26  if a PC, conventions flout
*Jacqueline     18d08  02d06  My pet karma's getting better, actually.
*DorianX        49d16  03d11  
*lpsmith        67d10  06d05  Roll for Notice; send the scout.
*vaporware      74d16  12h43  everything's coming up zilhouse
*CF             96d17  05d14  waiting for someone to play with me
*Ryan           0148d  39d17  Llyr fflyg wynyn cwn.
 Floyd          0176d  00m22  playing kerkerkruip
*vimes          0385d  70d12  AT LAST, SIR TERRY, WE MUST WALK TOGETHER.
 Alex           0501d  00m32  This Parrot Plays Games
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