Who is on ifMUD?

 User           On     Idle   What's your excuse?
 Zach           01h01  22m35  Soothly we live in mighty years!
 Recchi         02h10  00m36  The hardest trick is making it look easy.
 Dave           02h23  09m44  Reading, writing, and pizza.
*ghira          02h46  02h06  Erecting a statue of a hedgehog on Mount Etna
*josh_g         02h53  01h29  monkeying about
*Taleslinger    03h58  03h22  Only the guilty make excuses!
 inky           04h06  12m01  intrepid condiment gambler
 Guenni         04h11  02h37  something random
*Nathan         05h19  05h19  Tempus edax rerum.
*Gunther        05h20  04h26  I can see mass redundancies in your smile.
 Jota           05h40  19m31  My omnincompetence is inherent and absolute.
 Jizaboz        06h35  01m11  mostly work
*Marvin         07h30  01h56  Incandescent Gas
*Nate           14h03  12h01  Don't lase me bro.
*two-star       19h11  05h39  I like eels!
 Bishop         22h27  31m07  Oh no, I got stuck in my French Horn!
*Fang           01d07  03h49  something random
 boucher        01d09  00m07  Done, but in a good way.
 Markov         01d09  00m11  I am the cure for brane
 McMartin       01d20  35m20  ASCII-encodable text
*Whizzard       01d21  12h24  ...wet, salty siblings...
*Matthew        03d15  03d15  My life: http://westernactor.livejournal.com
*Steve          07d03  03h19  Me!  *I* am not a vesseled vegetable!
 marc           07d06  42m02  Proselytising kettles
*Richie         07d10  07d08  Egad!
*rjbs           08d19  08d19  http://rjbs.manxome.org/
*Ryan           09d05  06h10  Llyr fflyg wynyn cwn.
*annabianca     10d23  04h42  
*genericgeekgirl12d01  02h19  These little ninjas get ya every time.
*baf            12d02  01h57  
*Rose           15d02  02d02  My part to balance out others' frenetic activity.
*vimes          17d00  16h21  AT LAST, SIR TERRY, WE MUST WALK TOGETHER.
*lpsmith        17d18  01h12  Grinnin' like a fool.
*GDorn          19d03  01h02  
*DorianX        19d03  19h37  
*Allen          19d05  01h02  Here kitty kittty KIT-TY!
 ToxicFrog      19d11  49m39  There's a squirrel in my brain.
 Floyd          19d11  02d00  waiting for someone to play with me
 Alex           19d11  00m11  This Parrot Plays Games
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