Who is on ifMUD?

 User           On     Idle   What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
 Merel-Blackbird13m31  00m19  Too bad I'm not playing Werewolf.
 jenrexrode     07h00  22m14  tin roof
 Roger          08h17  05m06  reaching out, reaching in; touching me touching you
*Skeet          09h28  02h44  what was the question?
*Bishop         10h35  10h35  Oh no, I got stuck in my French Horn!
*ToxicFrog      17h00  17h00  There's a squirrel in my brain.
*BrenBarn       01d05  05h44  Busta busta bust-em-out
*Matthew        03d15  02h39  Take a breath and work it out.
 catherine      03d20  15m52  i am the cat that paws at the vase of ifmud
*Rose           05d05  02d07  My part to balance out others' frenetic activity.
*Jade           06d06  06d04  Learning IFMUD
 PerrySimm      08d02  08d02  
*Jacqueline     08d02  06d09  My pet karma's getting better, actually.
 Allen          08d05  03m09  Making your lobster pie more lobster than ever
*Daniel         08d13  01d05  Shuffling can to can
*Fink-Nottle    12d09  12d09  Nerds will be Nerdin
 boucher        12d10  00m08  Done, but in a good way.
 Markov         12d11  00m05  I am the cure for brane
*lpsmith        50d05  01d00  Roll for Notice; send the scout.
*genericgeekgirl81d00  22h22  These little ninjas get ya every time.
*inky           91d10  04h45  if a PC, conventions flout
*Recchi         0147d  05d06  The hardest trick is making it look easy.
*GDorn          0211d  02d05  
*Steve          0290d  01d02  Me!  *I* am not a vesseled vegetable!
*marc           0306d  0147d  Proselytising kettles
*markm          0323d  0323d  Start your collection today!  Trousers not included.
*DorianX        0323d  04d21  
 Floyd          0323d  47m09  waiting for someone to play with me
 Alex           0323d  00m05  This Parrot Plays Games
*CF             0323d  06d04  playing ecto2023putpeep
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