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 User           On     Idle   Are you a dog person or a cat person?
 Marvin         01m59  01m56  Incandescent Gas
 Taleslinger    04m56  03m43  hi adults!
 BrianK         14m42  14m06  
 Roger          27m55  05m24  http://members.shaw.ca/exumbra
 olethros       44m52  00m51  DIY
 Grocible       45m30  45m20  The satin finish provides darkly deviant good looks.
 Dave           01h30  38m42  Reading, writing, and pizza.
 Jota           02h22  50m50  My omnincompetence is inherent and absolute.
 jenrexrode     03h07  26m58  Jumping into a hole in the floor
*ghira          04h14  04h14  all shelves done! so.. er.. nothing
*Bishop         04h39  02h19  Oh no, I got stuck in my French Horn!
 Guenni         05h00  21m47  A collection of letters.
 Gunther        12h49  30m52  I can see mass redundancies in your smile.
*genericgeekgirl19h24  17h46  These little ninjas get ya every time.
 Zach           21h54  33m58  Occupation: Ruining Pizza
 Markov         22h55  00m56  I am the cure for brane
 boucher        22h55  00m21  Done
*Recchi         01d14  13h52  The hardest trick is making it look easy.
*Whizzard       03d06  01d09  ...wet, salty siblings...
*McMartin       03d16  12h05  ASCII-encodable text
*ToxicFrog      03d22  01d01  There's a squirrel in my brain.
*baf            05d00  01d19  
*jmac           05d03  01d15  The winner of the ham battle is you.
 Auda           05d22  00m59  Just stopped by to listen in.
*Steve          06d01  02d01  Me!  *I* am not a vesseled vegetable!
 PerrySimm      07d00  07d00  
 Jacqueline     07d01  36m23  My pet karma's getting better, actually.
*Matthew        08d09  02h57  My life: http://westernactor.livejournal.com
*DorianX        15d20  19h52  
*Allen          27d23  13h56  Here kitty kittty KIT-TY!
*Touchy         29d10  29d09  SEQUITUR
*GDorn          56d22  19h35  
*Ryan           92d05  20h40  Llyr fflyg wynyn cwn.
*marc           0180d  04d15  Proselytising kettles
*lpsmith        0215d  01d18  Grinnin' like a fool.
*rjbs           0218d  85d23  http://rjbs.manxome.org/
*Rose           0229d  21h07  My part to balance out others' frenetic activity.
*vimes          0253d  16h36  AT LAST, SIR TERRY, WE MUST WALK TOGETHER.
 Alex           0253d  00m59  This Parrot Plays Games
 Floyd          0253d  15h11  waiting for someone to play with me
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