ifMUD: A MUD Forever Voyaging

This chat server is running PerlMUD 2.0, by Boutell.
Dorm A
This is a very long room, lined with multi-tiered bunks. Flimsy partitions between the tiers may provide a modicum of privacy. These spartan living quarters could house hundreds, many of whom are sleeping here right now. There are archways on the north and east walls.

Breaking News: Or broken news, actually. IF YOU CREATED AN ACCOUNT BETWEEN JUNE 16 AND OCTOBER 21, 2015: Your account has been lost, and we're terribly sorry about that. We don't hate you. Please create a new account.

What is this place?
Read Stephen Granade's "IF and a MUD" article. It's quite good.

How do I get an account?
Head over to the account application page and choose a username for yourself.

Who's on there now?
You may take a look, if you like.

Who are the users?

Type in a user's name

How can I help?
Pie is always appreciated.

The Official ifMUD FAQ
Maga and Storme maintain the official ifMUD FAQ. It's got everything you wanted to know about learning to use ifMUD, including:
  • Customising your account
  • Where to hang
  • A glossary of common terms
  • How to communicate
  • ...and then some

Okay, now what?
Once you've got an account, you can test out ifMUD with the web client (or, if that doesn't work due to firewall issues, the web client proxy). However, using telnet or a MUD client is highly recommended. You can find a reasonably up-to-date list of clients at The Mud Connector, specifically on their Mud Clients page.

NOTE: If you are accessing the mud with the web page, you must type quit and then leave the web page in order to be logged out. For this reason, you are strongly advised to use a MUD client to connect! To reach ifMUD via telnet or with a MUD client, use this address: 4000

Also available:

Mark J. Musante